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The telecommunications industry is a key sector in Spain, representing a significant part of its GDP and foreign investment. Furthermore, the Spanish telecommunications industry plays a leading role in various international markets.

Telecommunications companies have traditionally been essential infrastructure providers for virtually all sectors of the economy. However, the lines between telecommunications, media, and technology services are becoming increasingly blurred. As a result, the regulations of one industry often impact other sectors, as seen with the so-called over-the-top services and digital service platforms.

At Aledra, drawing upon our extensive traditional experience with regulated sectors and immersion in new technologies, we can meet all the needs of telecommunications projects and their links to technology and the media.


  • Regulatory consulting for the telecommunications, broadcasting, and audiovisual sectors and monitoring of the regulatory obligations of telecommunications companies and over-the-top services.
  • Advice for obtaining and renewing permits and participating in spectrum auctions, tenders for mobile networks and MVNOs, and structuring of innovative services. 
  • Defence in administrative procedures before regulatory bodies and legal claims in the administrative and consumer sphere.
  • Drafting of a wide variety of contracts, such as those related to network services, network access or shared use, infrastructures and interconnection, outsourcing, roaming, data centres, and mobile operations.
  • Preparation of digital and cloud service agreements, including those related to software (SAAS), platforms (PAAS), and infrastructures (IAAS).
  • Consulting and formalisation of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Definition of best-practice policies for the sector.

Areas of practice


The telecommunications sector is one of the most regulated and complex industries in the world. With ALEDRA, you’ll have a team of experts to advise you on all regulatory and administrative aspects of the industry, including the obtaining of permits, compliance with sector regulations, and participation in tenders.

Commercial and corporate

We have a team specialised in preparing a wide variety of contracts related to telecommunications infrastructure and services. Furthermore, in a sector characterised by frequent collaborations between businesses and technical partners, we’ll help you to minimise risks in your projects and partnerships.

Intellectual property

Like technology, media services such as broadcasting or OTTs are often confused with telecommunications services. In these markets, adequate protection of intangible assets, whether patents, trademarks, or software, is essential.


Although risk prevention is always our goal, sometimes our clients must face lawsuits or proceedings to enforce their rights or resolve certain issues. Our specialised team will support you in any lawsuit, mediation, or arbitration procedure, whether it relates to commercial matters or sector regulations.

Fiscal and tax

In the highly competitive and complex telecommunications market, you need an efficient and secure tax structure that allows you to focus your efforts and resources on priority issues.

Privacy and data protection

Personal data is usually processed during the provision of telecommunications services. Proper management of this data is essential, be it through our DPO services, the creation and implementation of a strong data protection policy, or the prevention of cyber risks.

Labour and social security

Since telecommunications services are highly complex, there is a constant need to prevent risks and comply with occupational safety regulations. In addition, specialised services are frequently outsourced. At ALEDRA, our labour team is prepared to advise you on hiring employees and third parties safely, minimising risks to your business and your personnel.

Technology and digital media

The distinction between telecommunications services and ICTs is becoming increasingly subtle. We have a team of experts who know how to apply the different rules of these two sectors.

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