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Why choose Aledra?

Because we offer practical, reliable, and effective solutions. Some people say we don’t seem like lawyers. That’s probably because we do things differently. For this reason, when it comes to your business, we are your best partners.

Experience and innovation

For innovative or traditional companies

With ALEDRA, you’ll be supported by team of lawyers who combine more than 30 years of experience and tech mastery. We offer the best of both worlds: youth and experience, traditional and digital law, leadership and horizontal collaboration.

We are an established law firm focused on our clients’ sectors and business models. We maintain close relationships with our clients, becoming your partner and collaborator. We draw from our experience derived from assisting many companies starting from their initial stages, when they were just an idea, and projects that have gone through similar situations

ALEDRA is much greater than the sum of its parts. We aim to multiply our strengths. We encourage internal collaboration, because we believe that our strength lies in our team and their happiness, which is the key to our great project, ALEDRA.  


Business is global.
So is our scope.

Europe and the United States

For nearly 20 years, we have been part of the ELN, the European Lawyers Network, a network of independent law firms in Europe and the United States that share our vision of the legal profession. We collaborate in many fields, and especially in international M&A operations.


Since 2013, when we opened our first China Desk, we have specialised in commercial operations with China as their origin or destination. Several of our lawyers are fluent in Mandarin, and we have a strategic partnership with one of the top law firms in China, Tiantai. 

From our China Desk, we offer advising on Spain-China relations, and we protect the interests of Spanish clients in China as well as Chinese clients in Spain. 


We have an extensive network of partner law firms in the main cities of Central and South America. 

By means of our ‘secure investment broker’, we facilitate investments of Latin American capital in Spain. 

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Where we started, and where we’re going

ALEDRA has its roots in Colón de Carvajal Abogados, a firm founded in 1985 with a largely corporate clientele, focused on contentious, commercial, and tax matters. 

Right before the pandemic, and after attempting two mergers with other firms that ultimately did not work out, we discovered something that we knew deep down, but had forgotten: who we are, and how we want to practice law. At a time of great uncertainty, we discovered who we didn’t want to be. We reinforced our strengths and learned to value the treasure we already had: our extraordinary team and our special way of working with clients. 

After the pandemic and subsequent return to normal life, we had the opportunity to create a new project, shaped by our unique vision of practising law and of the importance of new technologies in law and business.  

And thus, ALEDRA was born at the end of 2020. A modern, user-friendly, transparent, and socially and emotionally committed firm. Shortly afterwards, we joined forces with Cysae, a young, dynamic team closely linked to the tech and entrepreneurial worlds. This merger gave rise to Aledra, an ever-evolving firm of more than 35 professionals.


Here are a few of the traits that define us:

We focus on what matters

We are lawyers focused on the client and their needs. We know what matters to businesses, and we respond to their needs, priorities, and concerns. 

We speak clearly

We are lawyers who speak in plain language. We want to understand you, and for you to understand us. We don’t like wasting your time (or money) on lengthy documents and tedious reports, or using archaic language full of useless technical jargon. 

We are tech-savvy

We are lawyers who understand and master the use of technology and its cutting-edge applications in companies. We’ll work with you to optimise the opportunities available to you in this digital and tech-dominated age, which is forcing every sector to innovate, including the legal sector. 

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