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The financial ecosystem, traditionally concentrated on just a few players, is rapidly transforming towards a more open, collaborative, and customer-centric model.

The digitalisation of the financial sector and the appearance of Fintech companies has redrawn the regulatory map, bringing multiple challenges and risks, especially in terms of cybersecurity and data protection.

Such legal and technical challenges require a comprehensive understanding of the problem from both legal and technical perspectives. At Aledra, our technology law experts assist start-ups in the financial sector, providing multidisciplinary advice to guarantee the success of their projects.


  • Comprehensive advice to financial start-ups (FinTech), crowdfunding service providers (ECSP), EAF, collective investment institutions (CII), trading bots, etc.

  • Advice to credit institutions, electronic money and payment services companies.

  • Legal support in implementing legislation (MiFiD, PSDII, CMD, MiCA, ECSPR).

  • Advice on blockchain projects and especially crypto linked to the financial sector.

  • Advice on primary and secondary securities market, tokenized issues.

Areas of practice

Fintech regulatory

You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of banking regulations. That’s what lawyers like us are for. We can help you understand the legislation and advise you on your Fintech project from start to finish.

Venture Capital

Fintechs are start-ups seeking rapid, exponential growth. To achieve this, they need a high level of third-party investment. Such investment is usually sourced through financing rounds, through VC, BA, crowdfunding, or FFF.

Data privacy and protection

Managing personal data in the financial field is a highly sensitive issue. Let us handle your company’s adaptation to the data protection regulations to ensure peace of mind.


Criminal and compliance

Regulatory compliance is especially relevant in the banking and financial sectors. At Aledra, we’ll help you design and implement an effective compliance plan applicable to the company’s entire hierarchy.


We’ll handle any lawsuit, mediation, or arbitration process, always with a focus on prevention and conflict avoidance.


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