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Beneficios de la Golden Visa para LIR China

por | Sep 1, 2023 | MÓNICA SÁNCHEZ, Normativa Europea

What is the Horizon for AsiaPac individual investors in Spain?

Over the years, Spain has proven to be an attractive, valuable and secure market for Asian investors. Multiple sectors have emerged as economically prosperous, such as logistics, energy, retail, and, particulary over the last decade, investiments in real estate, representing 32.2% of non-EU investments.

Legally, Spain has also been shaping and, consequently, defining the rules of the game concerning investment and foreign status. Specifically, legislative advances obtained with the approval of law14/2013 of September 27th to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization have had a significant impact. Specifically, this rule had a significant impact on the Spanish economy, since not only the profitability of this type of investments with competitive rates of return of around 7% attracted large investors, but also by articulating a new process for obtaining residency for investment, known as Golden Visa, a legal key that opens doors and provides a number of benefits.



An article by Mónica Sánchez Moro, ALEDRA Legal associate.

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