Procedural tax law and taxation

Planning, Action and Effectiveness

At ALEDRA Legal, we provide defence against the actions of the Administration in tax matters and proceedings, advising corporations so they receive the best possible tax treatment within the current legislative framework. Our team has extensive experience in advising and defending individuals and companies in this complex area, in which there is less legal certainty than in others due to the administrative activity of the State, autonomous communities and municipalities. We are proud of having achieved the Supreme Court’s annulment of the former Article 38 of the Inheritance and Gift Tax Regulation by raising a question of illegality. However, what satisfies us the most is ensuring the removal of settlements and penalties wrongly imposed on our clients. Throughout our career, we have advised companies on a multitude of operations for the acquisition and disposal of all kinds of assets, limiting the tax costs to the minimum required by law.


Audit and review proceedings

We assist with the defence in tax management or audit proceedings in every phase, defending the citizen’s interests against the Administration’s voracious desire to collect taxes.

Defence and appeals before the Tax Administration.

Defence against Tax Administration proceedings through the administrative and economic-administrative channels, as well as against tax settlements and penalties before the contentious-administrative courts. Cassation appeals before the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

Verification of declared value

Defence against settlements derived from value verification procedures, the Tax on Property Conveyances and the Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Corporate tax policy

Ongoing advice on routine corporate activity. Assistance with the establishment of corporate tax policy and in extraordinary circumstances.

Transfer of assets

Advice on operations involving the transfer of assets, of the company itself and unusual operations.

Tax returns

Assistance with the completion of tax returns.

International taxation

Assistance with international taxation. Local support through our network of international partners. Assistance in matters of cross-border operations.

Inheritances and gifts

We help to optimise the tax costs of inheritance. We are also experts in inheritance and gift taxation with international aspects.

Estate reorganisation

Proper planning makes it possible to achieve significant savings within the legal framework. We analyse your financial and business situation to ensure the most optimal tax strategy.

‘We trusted the team led by Eduardo Cardona to defend us, and thanks to the approach they proposed, the courts removed the unfair and high penalties that the Treasury had imposed on us’. 

Ana Maria Llopis

Company director and entrepreneur


Experts on tax law and tax consulting

Eduardo Cardona

Eduardo Cardona


José María Rodríguez

José María Rodríguez


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