Labour Law, Social Security and Talent

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At Aledra Legal, we have a group of professionals with extensive experience in Labour and Social Security litigation; as well as in the field of consulting for business organisation, human resources and talent management. 


Labour matters

We provide consulting and defence services related to the different measures contained in the Workers’ Statute, such as dismissals, workforce adjustment plans, temporary workforce adjustment plans, working condition modifications (MSCT), and all the implications they have in terms of Social Security .

Corporate organisation

We provide services in matters related to business organisation, such as the implementation of organisational charts, contracts, senior management structures or professional categories.

We advise human resources departments on geographic mobility and equality plans, among others.

We are also experts in everything related to Talent Management, such as specialised training and mobility.

Collective bargaining and labour management

We offer ongoing advice on collective bargaining, special labour relations, managers, freelancers, TRADE and everything related to labour management (internal regulations, preventive protocols, working hours register, digital disconnection and holidays, among others).

We are experienced with union matters.

Proceedings brought before the labour jurisdiction

We are specialised in proceedings brought before the labour jurisdiction. We provide legal assistance in individual, collective, ordinary and special legal proceedings, such as dismissals, collective dismissals, collective conflicts and fundamental rights, among others. We also assist with the filing and defence of extraordinary reversal and cassation appeals.

Labour inspections

We have extensive experience in assisting with labour inspections, with a tremendous success rate.

Labour audits

At ALEDRA LEGAL, we also handle all kinds of labour audits, due diligence reports and analyses for staff restructuring.

‘Our relationship with ALEDRA LEGAL is based on good work and mutual trust’.

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Experts on labour law, social security and talent

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Rafael Córcoles


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Víctor Mamolar


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