Accounting, tax consulting and payroll services

Economists, lawyers and auditors make up our team of professionals providing the management services that companies and entrepreneurs demand the most. We deliver a level of excellence that is hard to find: accounting, tax and payroll services in multilingual formats, with reports adapted to international systems.

Our Management team is made up of highly qualified professionals from the Big Four who are used to working in demanding environments and adapting reports and accounting data to the needs of any client, no matter how extraordinary.
Relying on Aledra Management means putting key aspects of your company in the hands of the best professionals for a competitive price; accessible not only to internationalised clients and those seeking a high-quality service, but also to start-ups and entrepreneurs who know that good initial advice makes all the difference.


Tax advising

Preparation and filing of taxes and tax forms, analysis of tax risks, planning, tax consolidation, special systems, linked operations.

Accounting advisory

Accounting maintenance, closings (monthly, weekly), analytical accounting, accounting consolidation, liquid asset control, historical and predicted cash-flow, reporting to meet the client’s criteria.

Labour advising

Payroll, social security, registration, cancellation, contracts, cost modelling, bonuses, employee portal…


We process applications and communications before all types of authorities and organisations, and we handle their internal management: National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), other regulators, Ministry of Economy, Tax Agency and Regional Agencies, and procedures in third countries.

External controller service

You can rely on a specialised service for a very low cost by outsourcing it.

External CFO service

You can rely on the services of a chief financial officer without having to pay a salary. The external CFO provides the same level of service to the company, supporting the CEO or the Board like any internal service, but for a much lower cost.

Development of dashboards or personalised control panels

Access the selected information in a simple, visual and intuitive way: monitoring of KPIs, alerts or other actions.

Reviews from companies and businesses

Professional corporate and business evaluations adapted to your purpose that meet the highest industry standards, essential in any acquisition or disposal process. We also prepare due diligence financial and tax reports.

‘At ALEDRA LEGAL, they helped us to manage and resolve the conflicts we were having with international suppliers and distributing agencies. I can assure you that most of the operations they have managed have been a success’. 

Andrés Alfaro

Spanish Federation of LPG Distributors


Management experts

Rafael Córcoles

Rafael Córcoles


Eduardo Cardona

Eduardo Cardona


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