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Businesses are born from an idea, which grows in the entrepreneur’s mind and is transformed, analysed and refined until it takes definitive shape. Whether it’s the base project of a start-up or an M&A operation, the process always starts with an idea and expands over successive phases until becoming a business.

At ALEDRA LEGAL, we offer the professional services that make it possible for that idea to turn into a business.

Some projects need a prior analysis or market study. Others require technological developments, which must be evaluated. Almost all require financing, and only some can obtain public financing, which has its own pathways.  Private financing can be obtained through multiple instruments. Some will affect capital, while others will generate debt.

Suitable advice to plan the financing of a business can substantially change the entrepreneur’s position in the project and ability to finance it in the medium or long term.

Also, a suitable evaluation of the company, business, or business asset will help to maximise the operation’s profits. Having the accurate technical, analytical and accounting information required in each case will ensure the best negotiating position.


Strategic advising

Strategic advisory service to plan your operation or business and those involved. We also advise on negotiating with investors, business banking and specialised entities. 

Obtaining public financing

Service to help you obtain public financing. Preparation of applications and documents for access to financing offered by ENISA, CDTI, H2020, SME INSTRUMENT, EIB, FEI, ICO, ICEX, regional aid, tax incentives…

Obtaining of private financing, alternative markets and financial instruments

Negotiation with investors, business banking and specialised entities. Venture Capital. Access to regulated alternative markets and financial instruments.

Support services

 Preparation of business plans, developments and forecasts. Market analysis. Business and asset valuation services. Due diligence processes.

We feel guided and advised with very important strategic support. Without the great value they offer, it would have been impossible to bring our project to life. They’re a true partner that sees us through all of the difficulties, trials and tribulations that a medium-sized company like ours faces when conducting everyday business’.

Pilar Roch

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