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ALEDRA LEGAL is a different way of serving you as a lawyer, the creation of our own personal vision of what a law practice should be.

We are different lawyers. 

We want our law practice to be simple and efficient, so we avoid everything that is unnecessary and superfluous. Above all, we want to be practical.

We want our legal services to add value to your project. We take great interest in every one of our clients, in your company and in your business. We want to create a professional relationship, becoming a PARTNER that provides experience and vision from having offered legal assistance to thousands of companies and projects that have gone through similar situations. We are more than just lawyers.

Putting together the vision of this kind of law practice has helped us innovate in this highly traditional sector ever since we founded COLON DE CARVAJAL ABOGADOS, more than 20 years ago.

We take an innovative approach to serve our mission of becoming our client’s partner, supporting them in the development of their operations, and going beyond the technical resolution of a specific legal need with the best team and reasonable prices.

Therefore, we firmly believe in technology and in innovationas effective tools. 

We also believe in cooperation and cross-departmental collaboration as ways of working as a team, and that a law office cannot have strict departments. In our view, the client belongs to the whole firm, not to just one department, even if they only need services from one of them today. 

The happiness of the team is another key factor behind the ALEDRA project.

We believe that our strength resides in our team. That without a group of committed individuals, it is impossible for us to be effective. We encourage both internal collaboration and collaborative intelligence.

Having such a clear vision has caused us to take drastic decisions in the recent past. After participating in two onboarding processes, we became fully aware of the realities that affected our teams and that hindered our way of understanding a law firm and client service. So, we decided to start over and put our vision into practice, onboarding our colleagues who share the same vision and want to put it into action.

As a result of all our hard work, we founded ALEDRA LEGAL, so we can practice law as we see fit, in the way we feel is practical and that allows us to enjoy our profession.  To the benefit of everyone.

We want you to join us. And for you to feel PROTECTED BY ALEDRA.

Madrid, January 2021

Aledra Protected Client


The result of our professional commitment, the methods we apply, and the technology and other resources we use at ALEDRA is a PROTECTED CLIENT. 

We have very high rates of satisfaction and loyalty among our clients. Anyone who comes to ALEDRA stays at ALEDRA. And while it is not possible to guarantee victory in all lawsuits, our success rate is difficult to match.

But the protection ALEDRA offers goes even further, because we want anyone who places their trust in us to receive the best possible protection.

We encourage prevention as a method of protection.

That’s why if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, we’ll conduct a free review of the key areas that generate the most frequent risks; and if we identify any contingencies, we’ll propose a solution for you.  If you’re an individual, we offer a free consultation to answer any questions geared towards determining the advisability of taking legal action to improve your personal situation or financial circumstances.

We are constantly working to improve our prevention and protection methods by having our clients and employees participate in a collaborative platform created for this purpose, which you’ll find under the LISTENING tab. Because at ALEDRA, we listen to you so we can better protect you. 

That’s why an ALEDRA client is PROTECTED BY ALEDRA.

Let’s do this together!
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Calle Ayala, 11. 3rd Floor

28001 Madrid

91 577 98 19


Calle Marqués de Larios, 4. 1st Floor

29005 Málaga

951 23 15 00


Calle Zúñiga, 7. 4th Floor

47001 Valladolid

983 30 40 15 

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